• Caring for Your Gurmuki Footwear Shoes Brand

Caring for Your Gurmuki Footwear Shoes Brand

Feature Image: Sonja Nell, Owner & Founder of the Gurmuki Footwear Brand Written by: Tershia de Klerk Date: 18 May 2022 Your Gurmuki shoes companions are proudly South African and although South Africans are very adaptableJ, they still need some TLC. These hand crafted sheepskin [...]

Meet Babaji

Hi there  :) I am a pair of Gurmuki Tribal Boots. I am a Tan 2Tone Brick size 4 on Grey, with White stitching.....but you can call me Babaji. I was originated on the 12th of December 2012 at 12 minutes past 12 in the [...]

What’s in a Name

If it is possible to spread light and love through a word, this would be my word! My word would be Gurmuki.  It means "from the mouth of the Guru". Gurmuki is a Sacred Language used  in Kundalini Yoga to praise  God and chant Mantras to [...]

The Vegan Option

One of the things we love about being a small company is that we maintain direct contact with our customers.  This gives us the distinct advantage of being able to listen to what they want and produce items accordingly.  A while back, it was brought [...]

The Brains Behind Gurmuki

Sonja Nell is a qualified Success Coach in the the areas of Personal Mastery and Small Business.  She also holds Diplomas in Business Management and Applied Psychology.  Her experience is in Property Development, Administrative Accounts, Small business start ups and the Automotive Industry.  Her interests [...]


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