Frequently Asked Questions


Fitting Show Room2023-05-03T10:06:17+02:00

We have a Show Room in Strand by appointment.  Please contact us on 072 744 6702 and let us know when it is convenient for you to come.

Shoe Size

Size Guide2023-07-12T12:31:16+02:00

Our footwear are standard South African or UK sizes.

A SIZE GUIDE is available next to the photos on each Product. This will assist in selecting a correct size for you.  Please put your foot down onto a piece of paper, draw a line around it, and measure the widest part of your foot and the length from longest toe to you heel.  This will indicate which size to choose. Please remember to leave space for a sock.

The Sheep’s Wool tribal boots does not have a size guide, but the design is a wide toe, so it accommodates all shapes feet easily, just order your normal size.  Remember that these must be extra tight in the beginning for the leather, hand stitching and wool with give more than other leather shoes.

Keep in mind that leather stretches and forms around your feet. It is better to have the shoe fit a little tighter at first, so that when pressure is applied, it will stretch and mold around you feet for the perfect fit.

We are all unique, so please keep in mind that this is a GUIDE ONLY. Gurmuki cannot be held responsible for the exchange costs should the shoe not fit 100%. You know your feet best; it is up to you to make the correct choice.

If you are still uncertain of which size to choose, Please contact us for further advice on info@gurmuki.com or 072 744 6702

Please refer to our Exchange Policy if you need.

Ordering from the Online Shop


Find the Product, click SELECT OPTION, choose the size, and click ADD TO BASKET.  Once you have found all the items you would like to purchase, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.  Fill in your billing details and choose your Payment Option between EFT or PayFast (includes Mobicred, which provides the option to pay over a few months).  Agree to terms and Conditions and PLACE ORDER.

  • EFT – once you click PLACE ORDER as above, the following page will contain our bank details and the order number (please use this as your reference)
  • PayFast includes an option for Debit or Credit Card, or MobiCred which is a “LayBuy” system.
  • If you decide to make a bank deposit, please add the Bank Costs that will automatically be deducted off the payment.


Shipping Cost2024-05-06T15:13:34+02:00

You have two options:

  1.   Normal Road Delivery at a flat rate of R100 for a single item and R175 for more than 1 item – This delivery can take 3 to 8 working days     to any address in South Africa.
  2.   Fast Road delivery – 3 to 5 working days Maximum at a cost of R180 or R315 on more than 1 item.  We will make every effort to deliver quickly using Courier Guy, Fastway, Aramex, Fastway, DSV and PostNet in order to access even the remotest areas.

Delivery could take anywhere between 3 to 7 working days depending on distance and whether you live in an outlying or metropolitan area.  Items will only be processed for delivery once the full amount has arrived into the Bank account. Therefore, please ensure that you make a direct payment into our account if you have any time constraints. PayFast orders can be processed immediately.

We make every effort to dispatch as soon as possible. During periods of high season or sales, however, shipments might take longer than the average delivery period.  We make every effort to deliver ASAP using either Fastway, Aramex, DSV, Courier Guy or PostNet in order to access even the remotest areas.

Tracking your Order2023-04-03T14:21:57+02:00

On processing your delivery you will receive an email with a tracking number that you can use for this purpose, including the link to use.

Exchanging and Refunds

Exchange & Refund Policy2024-06-14T15:50:52+02:00
  • No questions asked return or refund policy within 14 days of receival of Product – provided it has NOT been worn and is in perfect condition ready to be sold to another client.
  • Refunds will be Purchase price Minus 4% PayFast Commission – Except on EFT payments, where the 4% will not be deducted, Minus Delivery fees paid which was spent when we originally sent you the product, Minus R80 Handling Fee.
  • Return of Product and shipping of another Size/Color is at your cost – Please send your return back to
  • Gurmuki Footwear, 51 De Vos Street, Strand, 7140, Western Cape.
  • Please include R100 for the courier cost of the required product back to you.
  • Side Note:  Leather is Alive and Organic, a natural product. Hence it will sometimes show characteristics such as scars, stretch marks and other imperfections. There will also sometimes be slight color variations – None of which will be seen as defects.  The preciousness of a handmade product is the fact that each might vary and that is to be celebrated.

Caring for your new Shoes

Which product to use on my leather shoes?2023-04-03T14:23:50+02:00
  • First identify what type of leather the shoe is made of?
  • The three types of leather that we sell at Gurmukio is Suede Leather, Nubuck Leather and Full Grain Leather. If you do not know, please contact us on info@gurmuki.com or 072 744 6702. The leather of your shoes will stain if you apply the incorrect leather cleaner on your shoes.
  • The type of leather will determine which product I can use.
  • For Nubuck or Suede Leather the Company PLUSH provides a very good cleaner and protector and is available at most big stores like Checkers and Pick and Pay

Test any leather polish, wax or cleaners on a hidden spot beforehand.

Cleaning Leather Shoes2023-04-03T14:39:14+02:00
  • Remove dirt and dust with a soft cloth.
    If the cleaner comes with an applicator top, use it to rub the cleaner into the shoe. If it doesn’t have one, use a soft brush or cloth to rub it in. Make gentle circles with the brush or cloth.
    Saddle soap or any smooth leather cleaner will work for unfinished or finished leather. Smooth leather refers to any leather that isn’t textured. For instance, suede is a textured leather, so it’s not considered “smooth.”
    With finished leather, almost any mild soap will work, such as a laundry detergent meant for fragile clothing.
    Don’t use sponges, as they can contain chemicals that may damage your leather
  • Deal with salt stains using water and vinegar.
    Mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water. Gently rub the mixture into the salt stains using a soft cloth or brush. Keep adding the mixture to your shoes to remove the stain.
    • Salt stains leave a white residue on your shoes.
    • This method will also strip your shoes of wax polish if you have a buildup.
  • Allow your shoes to air dry at room temperature.
    Leave your shoes out to dry thoroughly before you apply polish, conditioner, or weather proofer. Don’t use heat, however, as it can damage the leather.
    Leave them alone for at least 15 minutes, though overnight is better.
Polishing Your Footwear2023-04-03T14:27:41+02:00
  • Remove the laces from the shoes.
    Laces can prevent the polish or conditioner from spreading evenly across the shoe. If your shoes have laces, gently pull them out from the eyelets one by one until you’ve separated them from the shoes.
  • Condition your shoes at least every 25 wears.
    Conditioning helps moisturize the leather. As it dries out, it can crack, leading to damaged shoes. Use a clean cloth to rub the conditioner in using small circular movements. Remove any excess conditioner once you’ve conditioned the whole shoe.

    • If you live in a place with harsh weather, such as a place with icy winters and salty sidewalks or a very dry climate, you should condition your shoes after you wear them 5 to 10 times. In less harsh climates, do it every 15 to 25 wears.
  • Apply a polish to your shoes once a month for protection
    A wax-based polish will provide more protection for your shoes.
    Make sure you match the color of the polish to the color of your shoes. Once you think you have a good color, apply a little polish in an inconspicuous place to see if it matches.
Weatherproofing for Snowy and Icy Weather2023-04-03T14:28:36+02:00
  • Use a beeswax product to weatherproof your shoes thoroughly.
    Weatherproofing products with beeswax provide a good seal against the weather. Apply the product to the shoe with a clean cloth or brush, and rub it in using small circles. Wipe off any excess, and let your shoes dry.
    • Apply these products about once a season.
    • Some products come with an applicator that you can use to apply the beeswax product to the shoe.
  • Use plain beeswax for a cheap option.
    Melt plain beeswax in a wax warmer, and apply it to the boot with a brush. It will leave a thick, ugly layer because it dries quickly, but you’ll use the heat gun or blow dryer to melt the layer again. Use a heat gun or blow dryer to melt the wax on the boot, and rub it in with the brush
    • Beeswax was a common waterproofing material before modern waterproofing pastes were created.
    • Apply wax about once a season.
  • Try a spray-on product to weatherproof with a prettier finish.
    Cape Union Mart sells a Snowspray in the STORM range that is very effective and that we’ve had good feedback on. Spray-on products don’t leave as thick a layer as beeswax products, so choose them for a prettier finish. Hold the spray-on polish about 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) away from the shoe. Spray the product in a steady, even layer. Let the product dry before you wear the shoes.

Our Gurmuki Range Includes:

  • Sheep’s Wool Tribal Boots 
  • Ugg Boots
  • Kudu Leather Vellies
  • Leather Baby Dolls
  • Sheep’s wool Slippers
  • Baby Booties
  • Ladies Leather Pumps
  • Ladies Sandals
  • Men’s Leather Espadrilles
  • Men’s sandals, and more… 


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