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  • Caring for Your Gurmuki Footwear Shoes Brand

Caring for Your Gurmuki Footwear Shoes Brand


Feature Image: Sonja Nell, Owner & Founder of the Gurmuki Footwear Brand Written by: Tershia de Klerk Date: 18 May 2022 Your Gurmuki shoes companions are proudly South African and although South Africans are [...]

Caring for Your Gurmuki Footwear Shoes Brand2022-05-20T11:14:38+02:00

Meet Babaji


Hi there  :) I am a pair of Gurmuki Tribal Boots. I am a Tan 2Tone Brick size 4 on Grey, with White stitching.....but you can call me Babaji. I was originated on the [...]

Meet Babaji2016-07-07T14:50:45+02:00

What’s in a Name


If it is possible to spread light and love through a word, this would be my word! My word would be Gurmuki.  It means "from the mouth of the Guru". Gurmuki is a Sacred Language [...]

What’s in a Name2021-07-08T14:55:42+02:00

The Vegan Option


One of the things we love about being a small company is that we maintain direct contact with our customers.  This gives us the distinct advantage of being able to listen to what they [...]

The Vegan Option2016-07-07T06:34:00+02:00


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