Hi there  :)

I am a pair of Gurmuki Tribal Boots.

I am a Tan 2Tone Brick size 4 on Grey, with White stitching…..but you can call me Babaji.

I was originated on the 12th of December 2012 at 12 minutes past 12 in the PM.., which makes me a Scorpio….., Leo moon……, Aries rising………. ( I think ).

I was the first 2Tone of my kind and when my mom first saw me, she smiled, her eyes sparkled and kissing me on my apron, she said… “I’m keeping this one for myself”.  We’ve been together ever since.

We are a family of “Gurmukians”, and according to my calculations, there should be almost 2,000 of my brothers and sisters out there.

Yesterday I went with my mom to Root44 on the R44 between Somerset West and Stellenbosch to one of our Adoption Centers.  Personally, it is quite traumatic for me to say goodbye, but it seems to make my mom happy.  (She wants everybody in the world to have a pair of Gurmuki Boots to wear for Winter.)

I must say, it makes me feel very naughty and cute when humans come and OOO, AAA when they look at my family… it’s funny to watch really….;  funny and entertaining, but regardless of the human, we seem to always attract a response.  We make people smile.  For whatever reason, they just smile when they see us, and that makes my mom happy, so it makes me happy…

I am proud to be a Gurmuki Tribal Twin, but I miss my adopted brothers and sisters…

Beloved family, if you get this call please respond with a Message and a Pic if possible.  I’d love to make contact with you and hear about your experiences. Gurmukians have been going out into the world since 2012 and I am So curious to hear about the roads you’ve travelled, places and people you’ve seen.

You can reach me here and leave a comment or contact my mom on sonja@gurmuki.com !  Let’s start a Fan page and reunite this Global Family !

Satnam Beloveds :) …and remember to Walk with the Wise!

Love, Babaji