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Gurmuki KUDU style Boots are made of 100% Leather and rest on a durable TR Rubber Sole. It is a unisex style boot and gives you the best of both worlds – comfort and functionality, to be worn for style or the outdoors. The faux fur lining allows for a warmer, more luxurious feeling.

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– Gurmuki KUDU Leather Boots are made of 100% Leather and rests on a Tough outdoor Rubber Sole.
– It is the best of both worlds – Comfort and Functionality, able to be worn for Style or the Outdoors.
– Fur lining on the inside protects your legs from the cold.
– Yet, omitting the fur on the footbed makes it not too warm for your feet.
– Water Resistant due to a 100% Leather outer and stitch down design onto a non-woven Insole Board.
– 3mm EVA foam under the leather footbed gives you a soft landing and luxurious feel.

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