Gurmuki | 100% Handmade
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100% Handmade

All our product materials are sourced in Cape Town, South Africa and handmade by skilled craftsmen with years of experience in the shoe and accessories industry.

Our products are made from 100% leather, which is specially treated to be water resistant. Our products are lined with faux fur. Everything is 100% Handmade and about 98.3% Handstiched – Our soles are also built up by hand and sanded down for a perfect fit on each design.

We understand that in this modern day and age, it is pretty hard to create a “truly” handcrafted product like in those Ancient tribal days – there are elements that we can’t control: like how the glue was made that we use, or the rubber of our soles. We do what we can though, to maintain balance and do our bit for the South African shoe industry, and the world.

The best thing about our boots though is its’ uniqueness and what it represents – a lifestyle of quality not quantity! And though we might be a little bias, we pride ourselves in the fact that it is made in our¬†favourite¬†country in the whole wide world – South Africa!